About Us

About Us

Firefighting is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. Day in and day out, our shifts can be taxing, stressful, and sometimes sleepless. A Denver firefighter's schedule is 24 hours on shift and 48 hours off. During those 24 hours, there is no guarantee that we will get to eat lunch or dinner at a normal time, or that we will get a break in between emergencies. Often, we will have just as many calls in the middle of the night as we do during the day. During the day of an average shift, a Denver firefighter responds to numerous emergencies and non-emergencies. But that’s not all. They also perform life safety fire inspections, complete training to become better firefighters, work out to give the best possible effort at any emergency, maintain the firehouse and the fire truck, and this repeats every 24 hours. But no matter our busy schedules, we are always ready to respond. This is our passion, our craft, and helping people in our time of need is our number priority.

Large building fire with ladder trucks

Denver Firefighters Local 858 is a local affiliate of the International Association of Firefighters. Organized on April 16, 1946, Local 858 represents more than 1,000 uniformed firefighting and EMS personnel.

The fire department was established in 1866 and provides services to the citizens who live, work and visit the city and county of Denver. Denver Fire Department provides all-hazard responses and emergency medical services, fire suppression, technical rescue, hazardous materials response, water, and high angle rescue.

There are 39 fully-staffed firehouses responding to emergencies throughout the city and the surrounding area. Denver Fire provides fire and emergency calls to the cities of Glendale, Sheridan, Englewood, and Skyline Fire District through contract agreements. The department has five staffed firehouses providing services at Denver International Airport.

Local 858's mission is to provide the best working conditions for its members. We focus on wages, health care, mental health, a work-life balance, and retirement programs for all of its members. Everything we do supports our firefighters, so they can focus on keeping you safe.

Everything we do supports our firefighters,
so they can focus on keeping you safe.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Denver Firefighters, IAFF Local 858, is to support our members so that they may provide the highest quality fire, rescue, and emergency medical services to those who visit and live in the City and County of Denver and the cities of Englewood, Glendale, Sheridan, and Skyline.

To accomplish this mission, we are committed to respecting our members and pursuing competitive wages, hours, and other working conditions so that we may recruit and retain a functional, talented, and diverse workforce.

We protect the welfare of firefighters through educational, charitable, political, legislative, social, and other community involvement.

We advocate for personnel, training, equipment, apparatus, infrastructure, and other resources necessary to enhance public safety delivery.

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